10 Style Essentials – No 6

Well Cut Jeans


Me – in flared jeans!

Before you mutter ‘I don’t suit jeans’ please think again. There are literally hundreds of jeans brands spanning the globe. There are literally hundreds of designers creating styles in every shape and size. If you can’t bring yourself to wear jeans then add another pair of trousers to your ‘essentials’. Perhaps in navy or deep plum as these are colours that work well across the colour palette. I hope to goodness no one is reading this thinking ‘I’m too old for jeans’. Nonsense. Jeans can look good at virtually any age. Get the cut right and overall look of your outfit right and you will look good. The two women below prove this point perfectly.

grey jacket grey hair sweater scarf boots

Whatever style or brand you choose they must fit your body shape well. Are you a skinny, straight, boot cut or flare sort of women? Here are some basic guidelines.

  • Boot cut jeans are the most universally flattering as the slight flare at the bottom can balance out heavy thighs.
NYDJ blue

Not Your Daughters Jeans – high quality and good fit

  • Avoid skinny cut if you have really thin or chunky legs. If you have thin legs this cut will only make them look thinner which can have the effect of making your top half look too bulky, and if you have chunky legs – well, need I say more.
  • Straight leg jeans look good on most body shapes, except pear shapes.
  • Flared styles – which are making a real comeback – require reasonably long legs and a neat bottom. So, if you have short legs and/or a substantial rear end you probably should avoid. If you do opt for flares then consider what you wear on your feet. Heels look good but wedges can make your feet look too clumpy. If you prefer flat boots or shoes then ensure the hem covers you footwear bur doesn’t trail. One of my pet dislikes is where the bottom of jeans is frayed and dirty from trailing along the ground. Not stylish!
  • Cropped jeans can look very chic although much depends, yet again, on what you decide to put on your feet. Elegant flats, loafers, sneakers all look good. For a more sophisticated look go for kitten heels or if your feet are up for it (and providing you can walk smoothly in high heels) go for stilettos. A neat ankle boot can also work well.
  • The colour of the jeans is best kept to darker shades of denim. This is more flattering and also looks classier. Save the washed out denim for holidays. Do not be afraid to wear white jeans as they can look very stylish indeed. If you feel your hips are too wide then wear with a long tunic or cardigan.
  • Distressed jeans. Please don’t! I personally dislike to see them on anyone over 40. I don’t think they should form any part of your Style Essentials. I was recently in Zara (always a pleasure) and spotted an older woman with chunky legs wearing a pale blue skinny cut pair, that were literally molded to her legs. ┬áThere were pockets of flesh poking through the rips. Please be warned.
white with navy coat

White jeans are in a class of their own

With trench coat & jeans

With white shirt and trench – timeless

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