10 Style Essentials – No 8

A well-fitting Jacket

Reiss classic grey

A classic style will have versatility

Do not cut corners when it comes to choosing a jacket. It must fit you well and suit your body shape. I am not a standard size so over the years I’ve used a decent tailor to make alterations. Sometimes by adjusting the length of the sleeves a jacket can be transformed. Single breasted styles suit most body shapes and do not have to be buttoned up.

blk blazer classic

A tailored jacket ‘lifts’ this casual outfit

burberry with wht jacket

Burberry scarf with white jacket

As your jacket is part of your 10 essential items keep to a neutral colour palette. This will ensure your jacket has longevity thereby giving you a good return on your investment. Colour can be introduced using accessories.

fuschia agate

Statement Necklace for Daytime

gold braided nlace

Gold-braided Necklace Ideal for the Evening

Classic blk jacket

The Classic Black Jacket

hermes orangecolbalt blue

A Pop of Colour!

Although the above jacket is plain it is ideal for dressing up or down. A statement necklace, bright scarf or colourful bag will help to crate whatever look you want. Find a brand that works for you with regard to fit. A good rule of thumb, particularly if you are pear shaped, is to make sure the hem line does not end at the widest part of your hips. This will tend to draw attention to your hips and may have the effect of ‘cutting you in two’.

VW blk jacket

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Black Jacket

Vivienne Westwood knows how to design for women with curves and her jackets are a real investment. Yes, they are pricey, but you can, with some effort, find outlets where last years styles are available at discount prices. Another two good brands are Reiss and Hugo Boss as the quality, and therefore the longevity, are usually good.


 Isabel De Pedro

If you prefer your jacket less structured then Isabel De Pedro, a fabulous Spanish label, is ideal. Her designs are very feminine yet have an ‘edgy’ quality. Take the time to choose this style essential. Find a brand that works for you and make sure the fit is as good as you can get. Happy shopping!

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