10 Stylish Essentials – No 3

Quality knitwear – either classic or statement

There are many high street outlets that sell cheap wool blends. Perfect for throwing on with your jeans to do the grocery shopping. They have no place in creating your signature look. A signature look needs to stand the test of time. Invest in good quality knit wear and it will last.

SP dk grey long cardigan

For versatility it’s difficult to beat a knitted jacket or cardigan. Forget all about the traditional crew neck cardigan – unless you wear a truly outrageous piece of jewellery with it. If you are over 50 you will look frumpy. A simple navy blue V neck sweater, appropriately accessorized, will provide great value for money.

eric-bompard navy cashburberry yellow print


If you love to wear jeans then a statement sweater or jacket will create a stylish yet relaxed feel. With smart black trousers, white jeans or a skirt perfect for your shape, knitwear can look chic. Although most of us can’t run to the fabulous Armani sweater below there are many designers, such as Sarah Pacini, who can help us to make a real style statement.

armani fine grape jacket


sarah pac mauve wrap

This grape wrap sweater, by Sarah Pacini, is the last word in versatility. Fabulous over a simple long sleeved top, classic white shirt or silk blouse.

light lime waterfall

If you want a splash of colour then this light lime waterfall sweater is ideal. It will flatter most body shapes and can be teamed with jeans or tailored trousers.

Make sure you care for your quality knitwear by following the manufactures instructions.

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