10 Stylish Essentials – No 5

The Leather Jacket

There is nothing that makes a statement like a leather jacket. I’m talking chic and flattering not ‘distressed’. For older women nothing you wear should be distressed. If you have a pair of ripped distressed jeans please get rid of them. Yes, they make a statement but it has nothing do with looking stylish.

The key to wearing a leather jacket is to pair it with good quality jeans, a tailored skirt (very French), a feminine dress – the contrast looks stunning – and your white shirt of course.

No one could accuse Christine Lagarde of ever looking anything less than stylish.

Christine L wears leather

A key benefit to the leather jacket is of course it’s longevity. This is one item in your ‘essentials’ where you do not want to cut corners. Buy quality and it will last. Quality does not always mean ruinously expensive. I bought a collar-less black leather jacket form Zara 8 years ago and I’m still wearing it! It actually looks better with age.

jacket with feminine skirt

Pair with a feminine skirt

jacket with full skirt

So if you think you are too old for leather think again. One thing to bear in mind is the fit. Always chose a close fit – you will rarely fasten your jacket – with slim sleeves and not too much embellishment. This will ensure your jacket has staying power. A leather jacket is possibly the most versatile item of clothing (apart from jeans) as it changes personality depending on what you wear it with.

chunky blue with leather jacket Wearing leather jacket

Elegant in leather

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