5 Things I always take to the beach

travel toiletries

Try piling this lot into a beach bag!

It’s that time of year when foreign beaches beckon. Well , they do for me. Last year I didn’t get my beach holiday in the sun – mainly due to reasons of logistics! Very boring. Over the years I’ve learned that there are items that are essential for beach survival. I’m a massive Greek island fan which started almost 33 years ago when I went there on my honeymoon (obviously a child bride!). In the early days I would carry a huge beach bag loaded down with ‘stuff’, which my husband always ended up carrying. As he wouldn’t go anywhere near the crowds we would trudge for a mile (it seemed like it) in the sun and eventually, hot and disgruntled, find a ‘suitable’ spot.

Times change, as does stamina, so here are a few tips if, like me, you prefer the beach to the pool. So much better for people watching and I love the sea.

  1. Water – absolutely essential

I don’t like carbonated drinks so you will never see me drinking Coke or similar. There is no substitute for water. A good tip is to put some in a travel size spray bottle and spritz your face from time to time. Very good to get the salt water off your face. As we know salt has a tremendously drying effect.

  1. Sun protection – in a reasonably high SPF

TS Self Defence spf 30For your face

Up until working with Temple Spa as a Lifestyle Consultant I always used Piz Buin for my body and a reputable brand for my face. I go for a SPF of 30. I tan easily and as I tend to keep my face out of the sun this works well. This year I will be using Temple Spa ‘Self Defence’ which is a specially created cream for the face with an SPF of 30. As you would expect it has UVA and AVB protectors, also helps to even out skin tone and helps diminish uneven pigmentation, which I do have. Can’t wait to use it. I’ll report back!

  • Facial wipes
burt bees wipes

Gentle and effective

I’m not usually a fan of facial wipes as I don’t think they work as well as a cream or gel. Also there can be tendency to be too heavy handed and when using them on eye make-up this drags the skin. For the beach however, they are useful and convenient as a temporary measure. There are so many to choose from on the market, but bearing in mind you want something that will not dry the skin then I would recommend Burts Bees. Every once and a while you will need to freshen up and these wipes do work.

  • Baby Powder
johnsons baby powder

Admit it. You’re just a bit puzzled. This is a relatively new discovery and is based on my dislike of having sand sticking to my hands, especially after applying sun lotion. I also dislike sand sticking to my feet & toes. At this stage you’re probably wondering why I don’t stay around the pool! Basically I’m perverse. I used to use wet wipes but then the sand would transfer to the wipe and there we are, back where we started. Try this tip it really does work. Simply shake some baby powder into your hands (you don’t need much) rub gently together and the sand disappears. Magic!

  • Elizabeth Arden Tinted Lip Protector SPF 15

For years I would use a SPF lip balm but found they made my lips look greasy and didn’t last long. Then I discovered the Elizabeth Arden Lip Protector. Initially it was only in 2 shades. A soft rose and a brown/beige. Now, I believe there are at least 4 shades. Mine usually lasts 2 -3 years. Obviously it depends how much time you spend in the sun. Not only does it protect your lips but it also looks good. If you holiday with carry on luggage only (and great respect if you can do this!) it would also double up as a regular lipstick.

EA lip spf 15 tinted

Lovely to use

With my 5 essentials (plus my towel and a good book) I’m ready for the beach. It makes such a difference from those loaded down days.


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