6 items you can’t do without

If you travel around quite a bit and/or haven’t much storage space for clothes, then learn how to par down your wardrobe. Getting the right essential items will save you time (and money) and you’ll know you look good.

Item 1 – Classic White Shirt

As plain as possible so you can add an over-the-top necklace or a colourful scarf, as above. If you have small boobs then you can have frills and pleats to add some bulk. If you are of a more generous build keep the cut plain and ensure there are no gaps at the front.

Item 2 – Black Jeans or Pants

If you prefer skirts then go for an investment piece. Cheap skirts tend to ‘seat’ and look shabby far quicker than trousers. If you have the figure (neat bottom) choose a pencil skirt as they are timeless and they go with virtually every kind of footwear.

Item 3 – Short Sleeve ‘Dressy’ Top

Make sure this complements your pants or skirt. A statement bracelet or cuff will look good with a short sleeved top. If you are unhappy to show your forearms then make sure the cuff can be seen below your jacket sleeve.

Item 4  – Classic Sweater

If you live in the UK and travel around you need to be warm. Make sure your sweater can be worn over your white shirt. A statement necklace prevents the sweater from being too classic. This is important for older women as classic items need to be ‘energised’ to prevent them looking frumpy.

Item 5 – Black or Dark Coloured Jacket

A dark jacket is a wardrobe staple. Depending on your budget of course, buy quality as it will last. Ensure the jacket fits your body shape. Try to prevent the jacket finishing at the widest part of your hips. Wearing different tops, scarves and jewellery will make it look different each time.

Item 6 – T-Shirt

Go for a classic shade for longevity. If you want to introduce some colour bear in mind that a more classic colour can be worn under the white shirt with a few buttons open. Restraint is the key here!

So, there you have it. White shirt or blouse, black pants or skirt, short sleeved posh top, a classic sweater (in case you are cold), dark jacket and simple T-shirt. They should all mix and match and depending on how you accessorise them you will get several ‘looks’ from these 6 items. They are also a good base to add to. For example, a striped shirt – very ‘on trend’ at the moment – colourful top or summer trench coat.

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