7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 4

Tip No 4 – Take good care of your skin

Even with well applied foundation poor neglected skin will show through. It’s difficult to look stylish if your skin lacks radiance, seems dull and dry and somewhat neglected. Dehydrated skin does not look good. Start from the inside by drinking plenty of water. Yes, I know you know. But do you do it? Water means precisely that. Herbal teas are good of course. However, good plain H2O is essential. Set yourself a challenge to drink at least 3 large glasses of water per day. If this seems too much then simply drink 6 smaller glasses spread over the day. Then increase by at least one glass. Why not turn it into a bit of a ritual and add a slice of lemon. I am a great fan of hot water and although it may take some getting used to it is reputed to act as good detox agent. Eat your 5 a-day and I promise you you will see the difference.

cindy joseph 64

Read my post on skin cleansing and make sure you clean your skin with a product which suits your skin type. Although there is one school of thought that says expensive cleansers are a waste of money I don’t agree. Buy the best you can afford. The key is use the right amount and not be heavy-handed. Always remove your make-up before going to bed. I do know you know this but it is such an important point it needs to be made.

bioderma wipes sensitive

Quick, easy and effective

eve lom cleanser

Use with a muslin cloth – fabulous!

ponds cold cream

Yes it is still on the market because it works!

Your choice of cleanser is very much up too you. I believe that you must start with clean skin and you need to be fastidious. Use a magnifying mirror (ghastly I know) so you can really see your skin up close.

Having really cleansed your face you now need to moisturise. There are so many moisturisers out they you are spoiled for choice. I will only ever mention products I have used personally or are recommended by people who’s opinion I value.

espa regen moist

Very impressive

I’ve been using the Espa Regenerating Moisture Complex for 4 weeks now and I am very impressed with how soft my skin feels. Because they incorporate essential oils their products not only feel lovely but they smell gorgeous too. You can only (as far as I am aware) buy them in beauty salons.

olay regenerist

Olay get a good press and whilst they don’t suit my skin – sorry Olay – I know women who swear by their creams. They are reasonably priced and easy to buy, even in your local supermarket.

terry baume de rose

Sheer delight!

Moisturise like it is going out of fashion! You don’t need to use vast quantities but you do need to find a good moisturiser that works for you. If you are post menopausal this is particularly ¬†important. If you are thinking of investing in ¬†a top end cream then go into your department store and ask them for a sample. All the well known brands have small pots under the counter which they are more than happy to fill up with their product. They can also give you some advice too!

Don’t become obsessed with any wrinkles, facial sag (I suffer with jowls!) or age spots. Look after your skin by keeping it clean, well moisturised and generally cared for. In the sun use an appropriate skin factor. When you get the chance have a facial. Absolute bliss and one of my favourite things. And don’t forget – get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep shows on your face – always.

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