7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 5

Tip No 5 – Update your Make-up

Nothing ages a woman more than wearing the same make-up she did 10 plus years ago. This is usually down to two factors. Firstly, habit and secondly not knowing where to start with regard to changing. Most older women either wear not enough make-up (yes this is possible!) or far too much. At the risk of causing a riot I am of the firm belief that all older women need make-up. Yes, even if you have a glowing natural tan you still need to define (not obliterate) your eyes and lips. The fact is skin tone fades, muscles slacken and some skins get age spots. If you have grey hair you need some colour on your face or else you will look washed out. Tinted moisturiser is ideal as it is light and easy to apply.

women natural image

This women is wearing make-up and has subtly defined her eyes and her lips. This is a perfect daytime look. As all my readers are unique I can’t recommend one single product or range. Skin tone, skin type, shape of eyes and face all need to be taken into account. I can, as I usually do, mention products that I have used. As you get older you definitely need make-up, as the images below so clearly demonstrate.

bobbi brown before after

Bobbie Brown Makeover

lisa eld before and after

Lisa Eldridge Makeover

I hope I’ve proved my point. Both the above makeovers are on Youtube. Lisa Eldridge has her own blog which has some excellent videos. Lisa mentions the actual products she uses and has a down to earth style which certainly works for me. Do your research and then go into your local department or beauty store and book a makeover. All the main brands are very happy to do this. You then get a good idea of the type of product and the colours that suit you. Ask for tips on application. I have found Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Mac and Clinique to be excellent at ‘doing’ your make-up for you and offering useful tips too.

chanel acqua lumiere

My all time favourite

esttee renutriv foundation

Great for dry skin

All older skin needs some colour and some ‘glow’. If you can achieve this without using make-up answers on a postcard please! Personally I don’t favour powder blushes as the product can settle on skin that has wrinkles. There are many gel or liquid blushes.

chubby highlight stick

My new obsession!

I am a big fan of clinique make up. It has stood the test of time and continues to perform well. Their range of chubby sticks are easy to apply and save time. The chubby stick highlighter above is brilliant at making you look healthy and fresh. Simply stroke some on your forehead, bridge of the nose and the top of your cheek bones and then lightly blend. It stays put all day.

fab at 60

Fantastic at 60!

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