7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 6

Tip No 6 – Surprise people!

When writing a blog about style for older women it can be all too easy to assume that whilst older women don’t want to be old fashioned or, God forbid, frumpy, they don’t want to be ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. This is of course open to interpretation. The alternative? Mutton dressed as mutton?

Stylish women have edge. They have a presence. They rarely play it safe. By offering a surprise in how you present yourself you keep your style fresh and yourself interested in how you look.

colbalt blue

Wear a bright scarf – particularly if you usually don’t

ethnic beads bracelet

Wear an ethnic bracelet with a plain top

orange ankle strap shoe

Go for some seriously sexy shoes

Style is about the element of surprise. It’s about not being predictable. You may favour a fairly casual approach to what you wear. The trick is to add an accessory that surprises. You can buy some amazingly cheap costume jewellery which can transform an outfit. What you want to avoid is the appearance of a uniform.

ralph lauren style lasts

Go on. Create some drama! Small changes produce big results.

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