7 Tips to keep you looking stylish

Tip No 1 – Be organised

If you start each day wondering what to wear and then discover you can’t find it then any decisions as to what to wear will flounder. You’ll end up putting on an outfit that may not work. It’s all too easy to assume that women who look stylish achieve this effortlessly. They don’t! They know where all their key pieces, accessories and basics are.

rails too full

Too packed for comfort!

Although the storage space above may look perfectly acceptable it really isn’t from an easy access point of view. I know there are many women out there with lots of clothes (we’ll deal with that in a later post!) and you may be saying  “well I’ve limited wardrobe/closet space so what do I do?” One tried and tested solution is to pack away in storage boxes clothes that are not in season. This is something I do and will be doing soon with regard to winter sweaters and scarves. Remember to put a list of contents on the top of the box or just inside the lid.

pinchperfectly neat

Perfectly neat

If you can’t see, almost at a glance, what’s in your wardrobe then you will waste time. If you have the space in your bedroom you can have a separate clothes rail and the night before decide what you are going to wear and have it ready.

clothes rail j lewis

Simple solution

If you want to leave the house feeling well dressed then preparation and planning are essential. A major part of this is being able to find all the pieces that make up your stylish wardrobe.

ikea minimalist

Great storage from Ikea!

Look out for tip number 2 later in the week, where we look at the importance of grooming. My mother would be proud. Yes, it’s an old fashioned word and yet being well groomed is essential if you want to look stylish.

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