7 Tips to keeping you looking stylish – No 3

Tip no 3 – The importance of lingerie


Good lingerie – that is underwear that fits you well – it an absolute must! Let’s start with a properly fitted bra.This means getting a professional fitter to measure you to ensure your bra fits. Even flat chested women need a good support. If you are of more ample proportions a well fitted bra can take pounds off. Even though other people may not see your underwear they will see the effect of it. Bulging back (bra too small), breast spilling over the top (wrong cup size) or that ‘low slung’ look will instantly age you.

Personally, I believe that no woman should own a white bra as they show through everything, including a white shirt. Also, if your laundry skills are not what they could be your white bra will quickly disintegrate into a dull and depressing grey. If you possess any dull grey bras pleas get rid of them. You’ll immediately feel better! Buy nude and black bras as they sit well under most colours. Wash them by hand. Yes, that’s right – by hand! I have been hand washing my bras and my more expensive knickers by hand for years and quite frankly can’t see what all the fuss is about. I’m sorry if this makes me sound too virtuous for words, but it means that your underwear lasts longer and doesn’t discolour.

prima doona blk bra nude bra

Knickers, or panties to any American readers, should avoid the dreaded Visible Pant Line. Nothing can ruin your looker quicker. For some outfits, where a smooth silhouette is desirable, invest in some control wear. Most department stores stock control wear in some form or other. Spanx, an American brand, leads the way, and while you really wouldn’t want your ‘significant other’ to see you wearing a pair of the control panties, they do work.

CB shaper never say never

Why not treat yourself to a basque? The silhouette you achieve is remarkable, especially if you are wearing a figure skimming dress. Plus your posture improves and you ‘lose’ inches.

Primadonna basque

Prima Donna – fabulous Belgium brand

If you want to look stylish then take the steps to ensure your clothes hang well and actually look as if they fit you. This means wearing the right lingerie. Even if you start with buying only one high quality bra the difference will be enormous. Not only to how you look but also to your self confidence.

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