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I’m Brenda Kilgallon, I’m an older women and I’m on a mission to help women in the UK become more stylish. French women you  better watch out!

As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with clothes and stylish women. At infant school (that’s what it was called then) I was in awe of my headmistress. Miss Eden seemed about 6 feet tall was very thin and in the winter wore the most fabulous long fur coat in a glorious shade of russet brown. With her Marcel waves (look it up!) and deep red lipstick she was to me a style Goddess. I didn’t realize she was probably stuck in a 30’s style time warp. This was the fifties and most of the grown ups I knew wore very plain serviceable clothes and looked much like everyone else.

Fast forward to the sixties. Never let any one tell you the sixties wasn’t a fantastic time to be young. The world was changing out of all recognition and a major part of this change was in the clothes, hair styles and make up being worn. Nothing had ever been seen like this before. Mini skirts, dark eye shadow and beige lipstick. Oh, and white tights. In fact tights themselves were revolutionary! I knew that I simply had to work in fashion. The thought of it kept me going through secondary school. My mother, on the other hand, had a different view of what I should do. So I went to work in an office.

Zooming forward a couple of decades, I found myself working in education and training and for the past 20 years I’ve been running a leadership and management consultancy. The love of clothes and my passion for style has never disappeared. If anything it’s become stronger.



So, here I am a Baby Boomer doing the thing I love best. This is my blog and I hope you will find it useful, interesting and from time to time a source of inspiration. I believe absolutely in the transformative power of clothes and styling. Not to make women better. We are amazing as we are. My blog is to create interest in becoming more stylish, looking your best and really celebrating the impact of style. Your style.

I offer a Style Service, everything from wardrobe management to personal shopping, so If you need some one-to-one support please get in touch. You will save time, money and space. No more wrong style decisions, crammed wardrobes or that ‘nothing to wear’ feeling ever again.

Style Evaluation – body shape awareness, life style & style preferences.

Wardrobe Audit & Edit – clearing and identifying what is lurking in your wardrobe.

Creation of Capsule Wardrobe – either basic 7 piece or 12 piece.

Personal Shopping – I’ll accompany you and act as your professional mirror.

Make-up Rejuvenation – working with your skin type, colouring and face shape.

Full days are an investment of £350.00 and half days are £200.00. I’m based in the North East of England ( in the heart of Northumberland) so travel costs may be added if you are outside of this area. A small investment in the most important relationship you will ever have. The one with yourself.

Contact me for an initial chat.

Brenda Kilgallon

Personal Style Rejuvenator