Are dress codes too relaxed?

I can remember the time when going to the theatre or out for supper, by implication, suggested the need to make some kind of effort. A pair of heels and some extra jewellery at the very least. Now, anything seems to go. Personally I find this depressing. I love to see people ‘dressed up’, particularly if they have been creatively stylish. It adds to the atmosphere. I was spending some time recently with a style client and she was bemoaning the fact that she never has the opportunity now to wear some of her evening clothes. She has some really timeless lovely pieces. As her friends tend to wear very casual outfits she feels overdressed.


pasmina & pearls

Pashmina & pearls

The above outfit is casual and relaxed but still looks stylish. Good for lunch or shopping. This women has made an effort and it shows.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Black & white are timeless

The above combination is fairly minimal in style yet looks ‘put together’, as opposed to putting some jeans and a top on and then throwing your coat over the top.

cut offs

Day into evening

The above outfit could be teamed with a statement necklace a colourful clutch bag and it could carry you effortlessly into the evening. A pair of ‘posh’ ballet flats would relax the look.

oufit jumper and trousers

Stylish & versatile

I have always enjoyed the process of ‘getting dressed’ (perhaps I was a 19th century lady in a previous life) and I’m sometimes surprised at how little care is taken when people go out for a meal. Sometime last year I was on my way to our local cinema (we are fortunate in still having one) and I bumped into someone who asked where I was going. When I told her she seemed surprised and made some comment about me being “dressed up to sit in the dark”. I was wearing smart jeans and a knitted jacket and didn’t think I was over dressed. I think she missed the point. I had to get there first! I think dress codes have become so relaxed we are in danger of turning into slobs.

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