Are English women vulgar? What do you think?

BERLIN, GERMANY - DECEMBER 07: Kristin Scott Thomas attends the European Film Awards 2013 on December 7, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images)

Kristen Scott Thomas

On the 24th February (an important day in our house as it is my husband’s birthday) Kristen Scott Thomas DBE caused something of a furore in the Mail newspaper when she said that English women, with their fake tans and short skirts, were vulgar. What a fabulous word, and one which we don’t hear very often. Vulgar. If ‘some’ women are vulgar then what does it mean? My blog is very much about style rather than fashion. I love fashion and have been subscribing to Vogue magazine for years. However, the extremes of fashion usually don’t transfer to the realities of a woman’s life. But I don’t think that fashion is the culprit here. I believe it is the cult of youth allied to that really rather absurd obsession with celebrity. I have mentioned before that some degree of restraint is necessary to be stylish and elegant and I think the French could give masterclasses on this. Kristen Scott Thomas has lived in France for years so not unnaturally the French culture, values and attitudes have left a strong impression. The French seem to embrace age with ¬†an openness that we British find hard. Tottering about on ridiculously high heels wearing a short skirt, too much make-up and sporting an ‘orange’ glow can never be stylish. Whatever your age.

Are English women vulgar? In my opinion some are. I’ll leave you to make up your mind. Please let me know then we can find out how much support Kristen has.

KST Award French

July 2015 receiving her Officer of the Legion d’honneur on Bastille Day

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