Are your clothes past their sell by date?

sequin joggers

Time to go! What were you thinking about?

As we all step boldly (or cautiously) into 2017 there will be some areas of our life we want to change, embrace or lose. As this site is all about rejuvenation lets start with your wardrobe or closet. If I asked you what is the oldest item of clothing you possess would you know? Mine is a Max Mara black pleated skirt bought in 1987 for the staggeringly high price of £110.00. It’s timeless, versatile and as I look after my clothes (I know I’m such a goody two shoes!) it’s still in excellent condition. So, is this item past it’s sell by date? No. Because I love it and get pleasure from wearing and looking at it. I know – I’m clothes obsessed. Why do you think I write this blog.

4 slvless coats

Do you really need 4 sleeveless coats?

I’m not saying that all old clothes should be thrown out. Perhaps you have kept the dress you first met that special person in. Often clothes have emotional meaning for us and provided that emotion is positive why not keep the garment. A note about keeping something because it reminds you of when you were two stone lighter. This will not make you feel good. Only keep clothes if they make you feel good and, if you still wear them (my skirt has an elasticated waist as all good pleated skirts should), they still fit you.

massimo dutti cardi

That favourite cardigan – so versatile


Keep the classics

If you have started the year being less than enchanted with the contents of your wardrobe time for some ruthless shredding (not literally I hope). If you can’t face a complete overhaul – I’ve written about this in previous posts – select at least two items every week until your wardrobe is only full of items you will actually wear. De-cluttering is really cleansing and also makes you feel virtuous. Make 2017 the year when you look in your wardrobe and like what you see. If you don’t then your clothes are past they sell by date. I will be posting about key steps in creating a capsule wardrobe on a budget later this month.


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