Bags of choice

tan tote

Classic tan tote – great with black, white & navy

Whether you are a bagoholic or not every women needs something to carry around all her ‘stuff’ in. There is so much choice sometimes it can take ages to actually decide. Do you go for lots of cheaper bags or do you want that fabulous designer bag you know you’ll love wearing for years. That’s up to you – and of course your budget!

Prada white tote

Prada white tote – lovely but totally impractical!

Black work

Serviceable work bag

suede tote mustard

Suede tote casual & good with most colours

Is it possible to have a bag that takes you from day to evening? Really that’s up to the evening in question. If you are going out to supper with friends or a quick drink after work then possibly it is. All the above bags would work for an informal evening. What about a’posh’ evening or Ladies Day at the races?

Pink occasion

Definitely an ‘occasion’ bag¬†

Blk silk clutch

Silk clutch

This is a truly elegant bag and one that would compliment a dress or chic  trouser suit. Very French.

clutch animal with tasel

Animal skin with tassel

I love the ‘idea’ of a clutch bag – so much more freeing than a large leather tote. However, as I have a tendency to carry everything but the kitchen sink they don’t work for me.

Dark beige

All round practical bag

Personally I would go for the tan tote or the bag above. They are good colours for me and offer the opportunity to carry all those items I can’t seem to do without.

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