Being the best version of you

Why the obsession with age? How have we arrived at this, quite frankly, rather absurd situation where many women want to look younger. Much younger. Millions are spent on surgical and non-invasive procedures to attempt to arrest the passage of time. Sometimes with bizarre results. Accepting your age now can be the most liberating thing you do this year.


I firmly believe that all women can look good. It requires time and some degree of investment. That is a fact of life. For older women simply putting on some lip gloss and making sure you hair is clean won’t cut it. So, what will?

older woman

Chic yet natural

whit red and blk

Stylish – black & white uplifted

A decent hair style that is modern and suits you, together with well applied make-up. That is your starting point. If necessary change your hair dresser. They may be so used to ‘doing’ your hair they have gone onto auto pilot. Get yourself to the counter of a good cosmetics company and ask them to give you a make-over. Make sure you ask enough questions to enable you to replicate the results at home.

Why not re-visit my Tips for Keeping Stylish posted earlier in the year. Essentially they stress the benefits of being organised (style does not happen by chance), well groomed, good skincare and updating your wardrobe. Be the best version of you – not someone else.

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