Beware the over-sized top

Although this blog is not about slavishly following trends, if you are interested in looking good the chances are you are aware of the seasons latest ‘must haves’. Over-sized tops seem to be everywhere. From over-sized sweaters to big shirts! I am a fan of over-sized tops but a cautionary note probably won’t go amiss.


flower shirt

This is a Vanilla Extracts flowered shirt.  Although this would work well with slim fitting jeans for a casual look; if you are 5 ft 4 inches or less you will look overwhelmed.

poncho blue lbk

Ponchos seem to be making a come back and can look good if you are tall and/or full sized.

dk blue poncho proportion

Although most of us will not have the thin legs of the women above the proportions work. It really is all about balance.

What ever size you are any bulk on the top needs to be balanced by a slim lower half  unless you want to, at a stroke, add inches to your body width and lose inches from your height.

silver grey poncho

I am a great fan of white and silver. This is a colour combination which looks chic and endures. Over-sized tops can hide a less than perfect waist and provided the balance is right provide a flattering and easy to wear outfit.

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