Body Hang-ups

It’s difficult to feel really confident if there is an area (or areas!) of your body you are less than happy with. Your shape and your size have nothing to do with being stylish. Anyone, regardless of age or body shape, can look good. Easy to say and yet if we do feel ‘challenged’ by our body shape then it can become an issue.

Here are some style tips which will help. There are 9 body areas that can cause concern. I’ll deal with 4 today and the remaining 5 later in the week.

Big Bust

I’ve started with this as I have, in proportion to the rest of my body, big boobs. I’m 5 feet 4 inches and size 10-12. They have been the bane of my life. When I was 13 I had the biggest boobs of anyone in my class and I did my best to hide them. This has resulted in my less than perfect posture due to stooping and trying to ‘conceal’ them. It did NOT ¬†help when well-meaning family members told me I should be “proud of them”. What a totally ridiculous thing to say. Had my boobs conquered Everest? Had they achieved the Nobel Peace Prize? However, there was no getting away from them! Over the years I have learned that the best way to minimise them was that good old stand-by the V-neck.

Satin v-neck

Perfect for generous boobs

navy blue v neck

Classic navy sweater

If you have big boobs and would rather not draw attention to them then avoid frills around the bust and high neck tight sweaters or tops.

Stomach area

If you want to give the impression of a flatter tummy, and women often do, a draped or wrap dress works very well and can also create the illusion of a smaller waist.

turq silk wrap

The front tie is very flattering

deep blue long slv draped

Excellent for large tummies

print wrap

Very figure defining without bulk

Any of the dresses above would flatter and add definition to your figure.

Large Bottom

Although Beyonce and the Kardashians seem to have a love affair with their extremely prominent rear ends, many women feel this is a body area they do not want to draw attention to. So if you would like the appearance of a smaller bottom then wide leg trousers and full skirts will help. It’s really all about proportion. Wide leg trousers balance the width of the bottom as do full skirts. If your bottom is large avoid pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

wide leg pants

Classic black trousers

print flared

The style and print work very well

Small Boobs

Oh how I wish this was an issue for me! If you have small boobs you can easily add some size by wearing tops that have frills or other embellishment.

embellished blouse

Beautifully feminine

neutral silk pleats

I love this – but not on me!

So – boobs, bottoms and tummies can require some thought when choosing outfits that flatter. We will look at legs, arms and your torso in my next post.

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