But it was in the sale!

sales window

Time was when there were sales in January and June with the odd mid-season sale at some department stores. Not surprisingly women could go a little bit mad queuing up and rushing to get that bargain, only to find when they got it home that it really wasn’t all that great. Those days have long gone. Hopefully.

flower shirt

You don’t ‘do’ florals and this is too big for you

motif sweater

But it’s casual and would go with my jeans (No!)

Like most people I love a bargain. There are about 3 independent fashion retailers I shop in and always pop in when their sales are on. The reductions are genuine and do represent good value for money. In 2015 I bought a lovely black cotton coat (Spanish label) reduced by 50% – cost £100 and you can take the collar off or (and this is the bit I love) you can attach a pearl necklace which works as a collar. Later that year I bought a pair of dark navy jeans (German label) reduced by 70% – cost £30. Last year I bought a pair of ankle boots in a closing down sale for £49.95 – reduced from £195.00!! And so it goes on.

How do you prevent sales panic? I have frequently commented on the advantage of knowing what is in your wardrobe (so you can mix and match) and having a list of items you actually NEED. These two points will help to ensure that you really do get a bargain.

but it's designer

But it’s designer and such a bargain. Don’t go there!

Shop in the sales as you would at any other time. With a plan, a budget and a list. This will make sure you really do get a bargain which means you will wear your purchase with pride. Good shopping.

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