Can older women wear white?

white skirt and top

Looks great – but you may need shape wear

Readers of my blog will know that I am a fan of white shirts. They are so versatile and timeless. But what about a totally white look? Firstly, I believe older women can and should wear what they want. Will they look stylish? Perhaps – perhaps not. The above item looks very stylish but admittedly wouldn’t suit everyone.

long wrap

Flattering and simple

with grey hair

Some colour needed here?

The above outfit does little for this women and looks more like a surgical robe. With the addition of some jewellery or a coloured scarf this look could be transformed. If you want to wear white and have grey hair (except that gorgeous steel grey shade) and are fair skinned then try a pop of colour next to your face.

white sleeveless

Basic yet effective

The sleeveless top can be worn by virtually anyone and any age. It will hide a thick waist and can be dressed up or down. If you have loose skin and poor muscle tone on your upper arms then wear a jacket or light cardigan.

asymetric wht linen top

Timeless piece

wht linen tunic

Great if you are tall

No matter what you wear you need to bear in mind some basic proportion guidelines. There are many linen (and linen-type) boho, or ethnic, tops available. They can look really good or dreadful. There seems to be no middle way. Often ethnic-type tops come in one size. Ridiculous! Don’t even bother. Apart from the size the cut may be too generous for you if, like me, you are only 5’4″. Basic rule: voluminous top streamlined bottoms.

wht blazer and top m&s

Clothes by M & S!

The above is a fairly classic yet chic approach to wearing white with jeans, if the looser more unstructured look just isn’t for you.

lovely day

Lovely Day by Temple Spa 

If you feel white drains you or you have very pale skin, yet want to wear white, then try 1 -2 pumps of Lovely Day mixed with your moisturiser. Simply put your usual amount of moisturiser on the back of your hand, add the Lovely Day, and mix. You will achieve a light natural looking colour which will ‘lift’ the white. Oh, and a final point. Try to choose clothes you can wash rather than have to have dry cleaned. White in my experience doesn’t keep clean for look – it does look good however!

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