Can you have enough knitwear?

I’m back from the lovely Greek Island of Rhodes where I discovered a creative designer called Ioanna Kourbela. I purchased a ‘versatile’ cardigan, shown below, which I know I will wear for many a year. Mine is in a mocha/coffee shade. There is even a video on her website showing the many ways to wear it. I shall experiment during the dark nights of winter!


Even given the current exchange rate (don’t get me started) it only cost ¬£53, which I think is good value for money. I’m a big fan of Sarah Pacini who has lovely knitwear designs, however, they are more expensive.


Sarah Pacini – yarn has a metallic twist in it

Fine knitwear is a good transitional piece as we go into the colder weather, but it’s not cold enough for heavier yarns. Plus they can take the place of jackets or coats.


Simple Cardigan – with well chosen necklace


 Navy Gilet Рfor colder days

I am a self-confessed knitwear addict. The versatility is second to none. You can wear the gilet above, for example, with jeans, tailored trousers or a dress. Can you ever have enough knitwear? No, is my response.

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