Casual chic anyone?

The simplicity of black & white

There is no doubt that dress codes are far more relaxed these days. On a personal note I rather regret this as I love dressing up and do not at all like the sloppy unkempt way many people present themselves. Sorry to sound like a Victorian school teacher.

Far better, especially for older women, to adopt a chic yet relaxed way of dressing. The French do this perfectly. Yet they do take the time and effort to look good and well groomed. They may ‘look’ as if they haven’t tried but believe me they have. So what is French casual chic? In my view it is the ability to look well put together but retain some individuality.

Silk scarf & pearls

The above image shows a contemporary approach to two old classics – and note the cuff. Worn with jeans or casual pants the scarf and pearls don’t fall into the trap of looking too traditional.

French ‘yummy-mummy’

The trench coat

To me the trench coat is as french as champagne. It can be worn as above with pants and needs little embellishment. There are plenty of low cost trenches around and one of the best I have seen is my sister’s and she bought hers in Zara.

The scarf

To add instant chic you can’t beat a scarf. It is a low cost way of improving most outfits. Casual chic is not too difficult to achieve and certainly doesn’t involve you spending lots of money.

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