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Don’t try this at home!

We all want to spend our money wisely (well sometimes!) so it can be tempting to go for the do it yourself approach. Cut your hair? Of course you wouldn’t. Practising at home dentist? Never. Whatever you do not be tempted with DIY face masks believing that as they contain ‘natural’ ingredients they will work…. Read more »

50 Shades

French Manicure Your hands are always on show and one of the best ways of looking well put together is to have manicured nails with a complimentary shade of nail varnish. My favourite for daytime is a French Manicure. Needless to say it doesn’t happen often as I have to get a professional to do… Read more »

Sunshine Therapy – Step Three

Having prepared and then applied your tanning products there are some simple steps to help maintain your tan. The first thing to do is the make sure you keep your skin well hydrated by using a good quality body moisturiser, preferable tinted. This will avoid any patchiness and dry areas of skin. Avoid too hot… Read more »

Sunshine Therapy – Step Two

In Step One we looked at the importance of preparation and in today’s post we are looking at application. Once your skin is fully prepared you are ready to apply your self-tan product. Invest in specifically designed gloves or mitts to avoid staining your hands! You can purchase these from chemists or supermarkets. Thankfully some… Read more »

Sunshine Therapy – Step One

Whatever your thoughts on sunbathing most people agree that a light natural looking tan on your ¬†face and body makes you look healthy and rested. If you are jetting off to the sun then obviously you need to protect your skin and stay out of the strong midday rays. If you haven’t managed to get… Read more »

Dare to bear

If you read the fashion and style mags you will be aware that nude lipstick is everywhere. On some women it can look good. The thinking behind this trend is that it looks more natural than brighter coloured lipstick. Not sure I agree. No one’s lips are nude. We all have some pigmentation, hence the… Read more »

Get rid of winter skin

It’s at this time of year with Spring just around the corner (although the view from my office window is of thick mist!) that attention usually needs to be paid to our skin. Months of central heating and cold winds tend to take their toll. Allied to which we don’t drink as much water as… Read more »

Why results need passion

For as long as I can remember I was intrigued and fascinated by creams, lotions and potions. My mother had a very puritanical and functional attitude to skincare, whereas an aunt had a much more hedonistic approach. Her bathroom was full of gorgeous bottles and heavenly smells. I spent hours there. I am incapable of… Read more »

Winter lips?

Although we have had the warmest year on record – ¬†allegedly, we have had some cold days recently and the first casualty can be our lips. Not only is it uncomfortable to have sore and perhaps chapped lips but it makes the application of lip stick difficult, particularly with dark or bright colours. Prevention as… Read more »

Let’s start with the inside

It’s that time of year when many women realise that ‘perhaps’ they have enjoyed the festive season a little too much. If you are anything like me the first casualty is my waistline. So, it’s back to the gym and a re-visit to all those fitness DVDs bought over the years! This year I have… Read more »