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“I’ve got nothing to wear!”

Is there a woman out there who has never uttered these words. A woman who hasn’t stood in front of an open wardrobe and gazed in stupification at a row of cluttered hangers. What is our fascination with having as many clothes as posible but only wearing a few? If this sounds like you and… Read more »

Sixties and style

Ah, admit it. I fooled you with the title. As I am in my sixities I remember ‘the sixites’ as an exciting time where ideas of accepted female fashion were turned on their head. Those micro minis, white tights (in fact tights themeselves), painting on my lower lashes and the palest lipstick imaginable. I loved… Read more »

The away weekend

I was recently going away for a long weekend to stay with friends in the UK and travelling by train. This was late April. The last thing I wanted was a cumbersome suitcase which I would only trip over or bash into a fellow travellers legs. I wanted to arrive refreshed and unencumbered with luggage…. Read more »

On the flat

Woe is me! My high heel wearing days appear to be over. My feet protest too much! I can still wear wedges so all is not lost. Many of my contemporaries are in the same situation. I love heels and I like the extra height you can gain. Oh well – onwards and upwards. Time… Read more »

Are your clothes past their sell by date?

Time to go! What were you thinking about? As we all step boldly (or cautiously) into 2017 there will be some areas of our life we want to change, embrace or lose. As this site is all about rejuvenation lets start with your wardrobe or closet. If I asked you what is the oldest item… Read more »

Don’t know what to wear?

Quick view How many of us have stood in front of our open wardrobe and said to ourselves, “What am I going to wear?” We may be running short of time grab something we are familiar with – or the first thing that comes to hand – jump into our clothes, take a quick look… Read more »

How to look stylish when the weather is hot

The title of this article may not be the most appropriate for us here in the UK however I feel it is much more difficult to look stylish in warm weather than it is in the winter. Add to this that the typical British high street, not to mention the workplace,  does not lend itself… Read more »

More body hang-ups

Having looked earlier this week at boobs, stomachs & bottoms the other potentially troublesome body areas are length of legs, hips, arms and your torso. I wonder if men go through this process? They don’t seem to in the UK! Short legs Many women seem to think their legs are too short, and whether this… Read more »

Body Hang-ups

It’s difficult to feel really confident if there is an area (or areas!) of your body you are less than happy with. Your shape and your size have nothing to do with being stylish. Anyone, regardless of age or body shape, can look good. Easy to say and yet if we do feel ‘challenged’ by… Read more »

The right to bare arms

Delicate yet eye-catching As you get older, even with exercise and the gym (!) women’s arms can loose their muscle tone. This means you may be reluctant to wear sleeveless tops and dresses. Unfortunately if the weather is hot or you are on holiday somewhere that actually has summer weather, then it is not practical… Read more »