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I’m incapable of travelling light

It’s about this time of year when magazine articles and bloggers are busy extolling the virtues of travelling light. I have friends who only ever use a carry on bag. How do they do it? Toiletries aside (not that I ever could put them aside) how on earth do you pack for 7 days –… Read more »

If the thought of heels makes you wince

Stylish and very wearable As an older woman the one thing that annoys me with regard to matters of style (many other things annoy me but this is not the place or time!) is my inability to wear heels any more. On a more positive note there are so many lovely flats around it isn’t… Read more »

Being the best version of you

Why the obsession with age? How have we arrived at this, quite frankly, rather absurd situation where many women want to look younger. Much younger. Millions are spent on surgical and non-invasive procedures to attempt to arrest the passage of time. Sometimes with bizarre results. Accepting your age now can be the most liberating thing you… Read more »

How to keep warm in Spring

There’s no doubt that our weather here in the UK is weird to say the least. A few days ago I was in my local town and the temperature was 13 degrees. Oh good I thought, Spring must be around the corner. The next day it was 2 degrees! This unpredictability can make it a… Read more »

Powder blue – or not?

Too much! Oh dear! Pale blue is everywhere at the moment heralding in Spring and demonstrating that a pastel pallette is the new ‘must have ‘. There is a school of thought (mainly younger stylists) that say older women should keep away from pastels. If the pastels in question are creams, pale taupe and soft… Read more »

First Impressions – or are you invisible?

As someone once remarked, ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression’. Various studies have been made on how long it takes to make that first impression. Ranging from 3 seconds to 20 seconds. Pretty daunting! Should we make an opinion based on how people look? Probably not-  but it is… Read more »

A call to arms

In a remarkably short period of time it will be spring (ever the optimist) and we will no longer be able to hide underneath layers of clothes, even if they are lovely and cosy and made from cashmere! The time for hiding will be over. Now is the time to take a good long look… Read more »

Technology. Just grin and bear it!

The road to hell, we are told, is paved with good intentions. I’m sure the journey there involves a brush with technology in some guise or other. On the 6th of January I launched my blog. On the 29th of January my internet service provider decided to up grade the service – to make it… Read more »

The Tyranny of ‘Age Appropriate’

Am I alone in thinking the expression ‘age appropriate’ is patronising and completely out of step with the reality of being an ‘older’ women? Who decides what is appropriate anyway? A few young fashion editors who promote some very strange ideas about what it means to be stylish? I for one, do not need or… Read more »