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The rejuvenated wardrobe

  Do you procrastinate? I do. There is something about the New Year that makes us want to renew, rejuvenate and re-evaluate. The winter is still with us but we know Spring isn’t far away. Added to this there is an ever-growing concern about over-consumption, the wellbeing of our planet and the benefits of living… Read more »

The comfort of knitwear

Knitwear can be elegant Of all fashion items I think knitwear is my favourite. Cozy, comfortable and easy to wear. A fine sweater can elevate a pair of basic jeans and a chunky sweater can complement your leggings (or jeggings). What’s not to like. Added to which the majority of knitwear can be washed. Chunky… Read more »

Casual chic anyone?

The simplicity of black & white There is no doubt that dress codes are far more relaxed these days. On a personal note I rather regret this as I love dressing up and do not at all like the sloppy unkempt way many people present themselves. Sorry to sound like a Victorian school teacher. Far… Read more »

The rise of the poncho

Who would have thought that the poncho (remember those spaghetti westerns anyone?) would now be regarded as a key addition to your wardrobe. It is a great transitional piece when the weather isn’t warm enough to bare your arms but you don’t want to wear a heavy coat. If you are anything like me by… Read more »

Living in loafers

If like me you find that you can no longer walk about in heels but find ballerina flats make your feet ache (apparently it’s because I have a high instep) then loafers may be just the thing. As they are often lined in leather you have the added advantage of wearing them with bare feet…. Read more »

6 items you can’t do without

If you travel around quite a bit and/or haven’t much storage space for clothes, then learn how to par down your wardrobe. Getting the right essential items will save you time (and money) and you’ll know you look good. Item 1 – Classic White Shirt As plain as possible so you can add an over-the-top… Read more »

But it was in the sale!

Time was when there were sales in January and June with the odd mid-season sale at some department stores. Not surprisingly women could go a little bit mad queuing up and rushing to get that bargain, only to find when they got it home that it really wasn’t all that great. Those days have long… Read more »

I think it is officially winter

Simple and easy to wear The clocks go back this weekend so I ‘think’ that means we are officially into winter. I live in the Northumberland hills and we appreciate the changing seasons probably more than town dwellers. I really don’t ‘do’ cold. However, I’m certainly not ready to start wearing heavy coats just yet…. Read more »

Can you have enough knitwear?

I’m back from the lovely Greek Island of Rhodes where I discovered a creative designer called Ioanna Kourbela. I purchased a ‘versatile’ cardigan, shown below, which I know I will wear for many a year. Mine is in a mocha/coffee shade. There is even a video on her website showing the many ways to wear… Read more »

Why grey hair is a matter of choice

Many women of my mother’s generation (she was not one of them!) accepted grey hair as a natural progression – as indeed it is. Increasingly we are seeing women in their forties having grey put ‘into’ their hair. Unthinkable even 10 years ago. Should you let nature take it’s course or are you not prepared… Read more »