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The most versatile item of clothing you will ever have

Regular readers of my blog and my Facebook visitors will know that I’m just a tad obsessed  with white shirts. There are so many styles to choose from and therefore so many different looks and style themes to explore. I recently ‘found myself’ (as in I wonder how I drifted this way rather than a moment… Read more »

Can older women wear white?

Looks great – but you may need shape wear Readers of my blog will know that I am a fan of white shirts. They are so versatile and timeless. But what about a totally white look? Firstly, I believe older women can and should wear what they want. Will they look stylish? Perhaps – perhaps… Read more »

Beach cover ups

Tasteful sarongs Even if you are young and shapely you will still need something to wear over your swimwear when it gets hot or you go to lunch. A pet hate of mine is seeing people sitting at the table for lunch, even on the beach, in their swimwear. Whether you go for a sarong,… Read more »

The art of accessorising

If you’re a bit bored with a certain outfit or garment one way to ring the changes is through accessories. It’s always a cost effective way of cheering yourself up when you want something new to wear but your budget won’t stretch to that lovely top you keep looking at! A patterned scarf with a… Read more »

Can older women wear leggings?

This is a question I’m frequently asked and I noticed recently in another style blog the same question being asked. I have no problem with leggings per se and I do wear them myself. You’re sensing a ‘but’ here aren’t you? Well here’s the ‘but’. If you are an older woman you need to make… Read more »

Simple is often best

If you want to rejuvenate your style and have a wardrobe that works for you, then you can’t go wrong with black and white. It is timeless, classy and rarely looks cheap. You can ring the changes with accessories to keep your look fresh. If you want a splash of colour then add jewellery or… Read more »

Bags of choice

Classic tan tote – great with black, white & navy Whether you are a bagoholic or not every women needs something to carry around all her ‘stuff’ in. There is so much choice sometimes it can take ages to actually decide. Do you go for lots of cheaper bags or do you want that fabulous… Read more »

Summer feet

Whether you are lucky enough to have had  a holiday in the sun or are planning for one the decision as to what to wear on your feet is important. If yours is a beach holiday then there are certainly some lovely flip flops around. Because I have unattractive toes I prefer to keep mine… Read more »

The wonder of white jeans

Chic all in white Yes it’s that time of year when I fervently hope that summer is not far off. What better time to get out the white jeans? Although I do wear mine all year round. White jeans are possibly the most versatile item in your wardrobe. They can look ultra cool, very casual… Read more »

Get carried away

I rarely wear heels (I’ve inherited my mother’s challenging feet) although from time to time my outfit ‘needs’ heels. I love them and I think they make your posture better and, if you want to, they show off your legs. I’ve discovered quite the best thing in footwear for years. Ballerinas, made by a fabulously… Read more »