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Is shopping stressful?

I am unashamedly a lover of clothes shopping. So much so that I do it on behalf of my clients (and friends!). At one time I thought all women loved shopping for new clothes. Yet many women detest shopping. They come home tired, disgruntled and generally fed up with the fact that they cannot ‘find… Read more »

The ultimate style accessory

Put on a pair of sunglasses and suddenly you are Jackie Onassis or Grace Kelly. Well, perhaps not, but they do confer a sense of glamour on the wearer. Apart from the practical benefits of keeping the sun out of your eyes, which prevents you from squinting, thus causing fine lines, there are also very… Read more »

Your clothes say a lot about you

Relaxed and confident? Your appearance communicates a message about you to everyone you meet. All clothes convey a message. We tend to think in stereotypes. We see a smart tailored jacket and good accessories and think successful business women. A too short skirt with overly made up face? Well, what do you think? Not helpful,… Read more »

The trench coat

Short Burberry – timeless Pale trench fabulous casual look Timeless and classic the trench coat is just right for this time of year, when we are no longer freezing but still need an outer layer. There is something both enduring and alluring about the trench coat. All those films over the years with Hollywood stars,… Read more »

Perfect pleats

Maxi Navy pleats The transition from winter into Spring doesn’t mean putting away all your winter layers. If you have never done so before why not try a long pleated skirt. They are, as the fashion media tell us, very ‘on trend’ this season. But this is not why I suggest them. If your legs… Read more »

The three year rule

If you have made the decision to rejuvenate your style, either by going all out and creating a new capsule wardrobe, or you want to add a key piece, such as jacket or coat, then you will need to spend some money. This is a fact of life. How do you know if the item,… Read more »

Do you want to look classy?

Lauren Bacall – who never looked anything other than classy Remembering my love of old Hollywood films there was often a remark made by a male actor about a ‘classy dame/broad’. You may have your idea of what classy is. The French, no doubt, would consider the word ‘chic’ to be more appropriate. If you… Read more »

Is it Spring yet?

Time for some softer colours It’s around about this time of year that most of us are just a little fed up with our winter clothes. The nights are getting longer – the clocks leap forward at the end of the month and we all need a boost. It’s time to start thinking (if you… Read more »

7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 7

Tip No 7 – Commit to being stylish Here we are at the last of my 7 tips for keeping yourself looking stylish. Whenever we set ourselves goals we need to believe in the ‘why’ of the goal. What is the purpose of achieving this goal? How will this goal benefit me? What do I… Read more »

7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 6

Tip No 6 – Surprise people! When writing a blog about style for older women it can be all too easy to assume that whilst older women don’t want to be old fashioned or, God forbid, frumpy, they don’t want to be ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. This is of course open to interpretation. The alternative?… Read more »