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7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 5

Tip No 5 – Update your Make-up Nothing ages a woman more than wearing the same make-up she did 10 plus years ago. This is usually down to two factors. Firstly, habit and secondly not knowing where to start with regard to changing. Most older women either wear not enough make-up (yes this is possible!)… Read more »

7 Tips to keep you looking stylish – No 4

Tip No 4 – Take good care of your skin Even with well applied foundation poor neglected skin will show through. It’s difficult to look stylish if your skin lacks radiance, seems dull and dry and somewhat neglected. Dehydrated skin does not look good. Start from the inside by drinking plenty of water. Yes, I… Read more »

10 Style Essentials – No 10

The Skirt Here we are at number 10 of the style essentials that will keep you looking good. For some women wearing a skirt is almost a major event. We have all become so used to slipping into our jeans or a pair of trousers. Yet a skirt is possibly the most feminine article of… Read more »

7 Tips to keeping you looking stylish – No 3

Tip no 3 – The importance of lingerie   Good lingerie – that is underwear that fits you well – it an absolute must! Let’s start with a properly fitted bra.This means getting a professional fitter to measure you to ensure your bra fits. Even flat chested women need a good support. If you are… Read more »

No 2 Tip to keep you looking stylish

No 2 – Be well groomed The expression ‘well groomed’ may seem somewhat old fashioned, and yet it is impossible to be stylish if your hair is unkempt, your nails are untidy and your footwear looks as if you’ve trudged through a muddy field! I was standing behind a women on an up escalator last… Read more »

7 Tips to keep you looking stylish

Tip No 1 – Be organised If you start each day wondering what to wear and then discover you can’t find it then any decisions as to what to wear will flounder. You’ll end up putting on an outfit that may not work. It’s all too easy to assume that women who look stylish achieve… Read more »

Come into the light – why neutrals work

I don’t know about you but it’s around this time of year when I get a little bored with winter clothes. I do love my knitwear and big scarves, to say nothing of a really lovely pair of leather gloves, yet I find myself yearning for something lighter and more chic. Enter those elegant neutrals…. Read more »

Style Essentials – No 9

The Dress Although many wardrobes will boast a ton of separates and no one can argue that separates aren’t versatile, a dress can make your figure look splendid. Get the shape and the fit right and you can ¬†show off a good pair of legs, disguise a thick waist, hide a less than perfect tummy… Read more »

10 Style Essentials – No 8

A well-fitting Jacket A classic style will have versatility Do not cut corners when it comes to choosing a jacket. It must fit you well and suit your body shape. I am not a standard size so over the years I’ve used a decent tailor to make alterations. Sometimes by adjusting the length of the… Read more »

10 Stylish Essentials – No 5

The Leather Jacket There is nothing that makes a statement like a leather jacket. I’m talking chic and flattering not ‘distressed’. For older women nothing you wear should be distressed. If you have a pair of ripped distressed jeans please get rid of them. Yes, they make a statement but it has nothing do with… Read more »