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10 Stylish Essentials – No 4

Black trousers to suit your shape If you wish to look stylish then a pair of black trousers has endless appeal. If  well cut and well made they should last a few years. They can be dressed up and down. With heels and flats, high boots, ankle boots and sandals. What’s not to like. Like… Read more »

10 Stylish Essentials – No 3

Quality knitwear – either classic or statement There are many high street outlets that sell cheap wool blends. Perfect for throwing on with your jeans to do the grocery shopping. They have no place in creating your signature look. A signature look needs to stand the test of time. Invest in good quality knit wear… Read more »

10 Stylish Essentials – No 2

The Chic Camel Coat Fashion comes and goes together with this season’s ‘must haves’.  A camel coat has stylish endurance. Most women can wear camel, but if this is not the colour for you go with navy. Like camel, navy says style and the same approach to accessories works too. Choose a style that flatters… Read more »

10 Stylish Essentials – No 1

The White Shirt Style rejuvenation is not just about updating your wardrobe. It is much more about understanding what works well for you and what doesn’t. Part of this is working with – rather than against – your body shape.  As any handwriting expert will tell you, your signature is unique to you. Your style… Read more »

Basic Layering

Having a range of layering pieces in your wardrobe is essential if you want to create versatile outfit options. They also keep you warm! Although layering pieces can include T Shirts. camisoles and sleeveless tops, often referred to as ‘tanks’, they need to share one common factor. They must be fitted (no baggy T shirts… Read more »

Beware the over-sized top

Although this blog is not about slavishly following trends, if you are interested in looking good the chances are you are aware of the seasons latest ‘must haves’. Over-sized tops seem to be everywhere. From over-sized sweaters to big shirts! I am a fan of over-sized tops but a cautionary note probably won’t go amiss…. Read more »

Is it possible to look stylish and casual?

Dressing casually and looking stylish is as much of a challenge as adopting the ‘no make-up’ look. It requires a little bit of effort! I’m wondering when the expression ‘slobbing out’ first came into popular use. When does being casual descend into looking downright slobby? One of the style challenges for older women is the… Read more »

Choosing Style Over Fashion

As Yves San Laurent so wisely remarked “Fashion fades: style endures”. Personal Style is unique to us all. If we are over 40 (and certainly over 50 and beyond!) we have undergone one hell of a journey. Not someone else’s journey but our very own adventure. We do not need to slavishly follow trends –… Read more »

The Transformative Power of Clothes

If you want to look good for all occasions, feel good about yourself and radiate confidence, then what better place to start than with the clothes you wear. Learning what works for you is the single most important step you can take. My blog is about being with you every step of the way to… Read more »

Outstanding Orange

Every one can wear orange. Not me, I hear you say! If you have read some of my articles you will know I am a fan of neutrals and monochrome. Why? Because they are without doubt versatile, they can form the core of your capsule wardrobe, there are stylish and they stand the test of… Read more »