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Life by design

Do you feel as if most of your life you have simply reacted to circumstance, particularly in the workplace? Have you ever had a job you loved? Although there is more uncertainty about work, employment and “what to do next”, there is more flexibility. I have been self-employed since 1995 so I’m aware of both… Read more »

Style meets art

I have spent many a happy hour going out to see clients and doing personal shopping for them. I’ve been self-employed since 1995, working for many years as a mangement and leadership coach, enjoying both the ‘luxury’ (it was for me) of a city centre office and the convenience of working from home. Both working… Read more »

Clothes for real women

As many readers probably know I have been working with French ladies fashion brand, Captain Tortue, since March this year. Their collections are very chic yet recognise that most women lead busy lives so they want to be casual too. What also impresses me is the versatility and adaptability of the clothes. My clients are… Read more »

Perfect timing – I don’t think so!

As some of you know my role with French brand Captain Tortue is really gathering speed, with lots of events in the pipeline. Tomorrow I am hosting the AW17 collection launch. Many of you have replied and I thank you. 24 August 11.00 – 19.00 IMPORTANT NOTE The road from the A69 which most people… Read more »

Comfortable in your own skin?

Temple Spa Skincare Range Glowing, clear healthy looking skin isn’t just a preserve of the young. Your skin care regime, the products you use and some professional tips can make all the difference. As you know I work with award-winning Temple Spa luxury skin care and deliver skin care classes or, which some people prefer,… Read more »

It’s shopping but not as we know it

Welcome to your very own French chic casual wardrobe! One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “How can I look casual but still look smart?” Many women have a work wardrobe and a ‘going out’ wardrobe and yet there are many more occasions when we want to look good but not over or under… Read more »

Me time!

In the rush of life – family, work and keeping everything ticking along, something women are very good at, it can be all too easy to forget about yourself. As you know, if you have been following my blog, I offer style services. Everything from creating a fabulous capsule wardrobe to dressing for that special… Read more »

Spa wherever you are

Excellent skincare from an ethical company The best cleanser I have ever used! I have written before about the transformative power of clothes. You know that if you get your outfit right not only do you look good but you also feel good. One area of lifestyle I am increasingly asked about is skincare. As… Read more »

What is style rejuvenation?

Style Rejuvenator! The answer to this question is largely down to what you want to achieve. Perhaps you need a complete wardrobe ‘wake-up’. If you have so many clothes and accessories cluttering up your closets that you’ve actually forgotten what may be lurking in there, then the time may be right to take action. Or,… Read more »