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The death of the High Street?

I’ll admit I love shopping. My preference is for independent shops the more quirky the better. When it comes to clothes I like personal service. I don’t buy clothes very often so when I do I don’t want to virtually do everything my self. You know what I mean. Find your own size on a… Read more »

New year – new you?

Part of my role as a Style Consultant is working with French clothing brand Captain Tortue. They design chic, yet casual women’s clothing that is only sold through consultants such as myself. This year they celebrate their 25th birthday proving, if proof were needed, that quality together with creativity stand the test of time –… Read more »

What would you do with extra spending money?

Most of us know almost immediately what we would do if we had extra money to spend. It may be spend more on holidays, treats for the kids, better wardrobe, more independence etc. This post is for women who want some extra spending money – for whatever reason.   Just imagine how you would feel… Read more »

Social shopping & why it’s taken off

I have always loved shopping for clothes. My earliest memories are of going with my mother for a new coat each year. This stopped when I was 12 as I was starting to get caught up with the fashion of the moment. Short skirts, block heels (didn’t get a pair until I was 15!) and… Read more »

I hate shopping!

Created without going anywhere near the shops! When I first launched my style business I was genuinely surprised (and even a little shocked) the hear clients say they hated, and in one case detested, shopping. I have one client who tells me what she needs and then asks me to source it. This does not… Read more »

5 Things I always take to the beach

Try piling this lot into a beach bag! It’s that time of year when foreign beaches beckon. Well , they do for me. Last year I didn’t get my beach holiday in the sun – mainly due to reasons of logistics! Very boring. Over the years I’ve learned that there are items that are essential… Read more »

Sandals on the high street

As it is summer (!), despite our good old British weather, I thought I’d do some research into comfortable summer sandals that won’t break the bank. I have to say that, overall, I’ve been somewhat disappointed. I’ve selected affordable (in most cases £25 – £35) and versatile sandals. If you’re travelling abroad the weight restrictions… Read more »

Style is a choice

Different people have different ideas about what style is. Which is perfectly understandable. At it’s most basic it is how you ‘present’ yourself when you go out in the world. Some people say they don’t care what they look like. I’m not sure I would agree. If you are happy with how you look you… Read more »

Hidden Gems

Quite by chance, when staying with a friend, I encountered a fabulous independent fashion retailer. The business, called Nero e Bianco, which is based in Sutton Coldfield, offers the two key ingredients essential for success. Absolutely lovely clothes (sourced in Italy – where else!) and  service delivered with passion and professionalism. Impossible to walk past… Read more »

How do the French do it?

Pick up any style book and the chances are there will be some reference to the stylish almost effortless way French women dress. Older women in particular seem to achieve an elegance and femininity often lacking in the UK. Give a British woman and a French woman the same jeans, top, shoes and a scarf, together… Read more »