Come into the light – why neutrals work

I don’t know about you but it’s around this time of year when I get a little bored with winter clothes. I do love my knitwear and big scarves, to say nothing of a really lovely pair of leather gloves, yet I find myself yearning for something lighter and more chic.

Enter those elegant neutrals. I have a whole pin board devoted to them!

TAN coat with neutrals


It’s a pity that neutrals often get relegated to summer or spring weddings when they really come into their own in these still dark days before spring. The above outfit is relaxed but very chic – and still capable of keeping you warm.

sweater and wht jeans

A neutral top with white jeans works well for most body shapes. If you have a less than perfect middle then wear a longer top which suits your body shape.

grey long sl cardi

If you don’t want to go completely neutral then why not try a pale grey, or soft beige, knitted jacket and make the transition gradually. Check out Zara for some very stylish examples. Or, how about some neutral nail polish?

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