Do you want to look classy?

lauren bacall wht shirt

Lauren Bacall – who never looked anything other than classy

Remembering my love of old Hollywood films there was often a remark made by a male actor about a ‘classy dame/broad’. You may have your idea of what classy is. The French, no doubt, would consider the word ‘chic’ to be more appropriate. If you look stylish then you are for more likely to be classy. How do you achieve this? One sure fire way is to wear black and white.

I have had an enduring love affair with black and white for as long as I can remember. Sometimes patterns and bold colours can look cheap. Despite what you pay for them! Not so black and white. And there’s no need to dress like an old fashioned movie star.

skirt and shirt

Simple and elegant

marc cain blk and wht

Marc Cain dress – you’ll be wearing this for years

kate hudson

Kate Hudson looking very good

louis vuitton

Although the above outfit is by Louis Vuitton (and yes – it is out of the reach of most of us!) this can be easily replicated. White trousers and a plain black coat with simple top. Or, black trouser and white coat/jacket. Very wearable.


Chanel – what else?

nike trainers

Nike – I love mine!

With black or white jeans a casual and relaxed look can still look classy. Jackie Onassis was frequently seen in white jeans and a black T shirt and she was the epitome of class. Follow me on Pinterest and look at my board ‘Obsessed with monochrome’.

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