First Impressions – or are you invisible?

As someone once remarked, ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression’. Various studies have been made on how long it takes to make that first impression. Ranging from 3 seconds to 20 seconds. Pretty daunting! Should we make an opinion based on how people look? Probably not- ¬†but it is what we do. Many older women complain about being ‘invisible’ in the media with undue attention being focused on images of young, well-toned slim (naturally!) females. As you get older there can be a loss of confidence about your looks. It’s not unusual for women to say they don’t want to stand out or look ‘ridiculous’. Possibly this is about a fear of being judged and regrettably women are judged by how they look; far more than men.

The challenge? Overcoming what amounts to ‘fear-based’ dressing. This can take the form of wearing the same type of ¬†clothes, sticking to dark colours or wearing what your friends do, so that you won’t stand out. If this sounds like you then there are some steps you can take to help you realise and celebrate your uniqueness. How you look matters and, yes, you will be judged by how you look. If you feel confident and at ease with what you are wearing then it really doesn’t matter what others think.

Bring some colour into your life

Colour can change your mood as any colour therapist will tell you. How often have you seen a friend or colleague wearing a bright colour and it transforms how they look. I have 2 friends who can’t wear black next to their face as it completely drains them. Putting it brutally they look ill. When they wear colours that suit them they look healthy and full of vitality. The red coat below makes a definite statement. If this is a step too far, then choose a bright colour that you like for trousers or a skirt.


turnups fuschia cardi

The fuschia cardigan transforms denim jeans and a white T-shirt. Worn with the scarf it looks stylish and chic.


If the thought of wearing a completely different colourful piece of clothing is too daunting then consider your accessories. A plain outfit can be brought to life with colourful accessories, as some of the items below clearly show.

ugg orange great with white jeans

large blue paisley

grey and gold necklace

kate spade flats coarl suede tassel

Getting dressed should be a pleasure. There should be some joy in knowing you look your best and you are getting noticed. My blog is all about celebrating the amazing contribution that older women have made, and continue to make, in the world. Lose that cloak of invisibility that dreary dull clothes provide. Stop hiding. Step out and stand out. You deserve it.

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