How do the French do it?

Pick up any style book and the chances are there will be some reference to the stylish almost effortless way French women dress. Older women in particular seem to achieve an elegance and femininity often lacking in the UK. Give a British woman and a French woman the same jeans, top, shoes and a scarf, together with a couple of pieces of jewellery and I promise you they will look considerably different.

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Classic French Outfit – timeless

CL with scarf

Christine Lagarde

Christine Largarde is always stylish and yet never overdressed. Of course it helps that her ancestry has given her that fabulous tanned complexion. Her jewellery is carefully chosen to complement not to over power.

Paris Fashionweek ss2015 day 2, Garance Doré, nili lotan coat

Garance Dore – modern yet chic

There is a simplicity about the way French women dress. Key pieces, carefully chosen, and put together in a balanced way. You will rarely see a French women wearing loads of ‘bling’ or dressed head to toe in designer labels. Less really is more if you want to look stylish. Trying too hard shows and can shriek of desperation.

What French women do well is to mix their wardrobe with key expensive pieces – such as a jacket or coat – and then wear a top from Zara or a T-Shirt from a department store.  You can invest in an expensive handbag and if you team it with jeans from Gap the whole outfit is transformed.

good detail

It’s all in the detail

Consider the outfit above. On the face of it a simple top worn over a shirt and a pair of jeans. Yet look at the way the sweater sleeves have been pushed up to reveal the cuffs & a small part of the hem left below the sweater. If the top had been put on top of the shirt without these adjustments the outfit would not have been given a second glance.

French women tend not to buy complete outfits. They buy key pieces and mix and match. I believe that’s how they do it!


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