How to look stylish when the weather is hot

The title of this article may not be the most appropriate for us here in the UK however I feel it is much more difficult to look stylish in warm weather than it is in the winter. Add to this that the typical British high street, not to mention the workplace,  does not lend itself to showing acres of flesh (Yes I know some people do!), yet if it’s hot we don’t want to be too covered up.

Here are some ideas that may help you keep your cool while at the same time looking stylish.

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1. Keep your feet cool and lose the heels

When it is hot one of the first casualties will be your feet. If appropriate don’t wear tights but do make sure if your sandals are open-toed your feet and nails are up to scratch. This means unchipped polish and no hard skin! I can’t wear totally flat sandals as I have a high instep and my feet ache. A small heel will offer support. Many women get swollen feet and ankles during hot weather. There is one product which is guaranteed to solve this problem and that is award winning AAAHHH! Soothing Balm for Aching Feet and Limbs from Temple Spa ( The product name says it all. From retail staff to pregnant mums this product is amazing.

aaahh award winner

Invest in this at

With dandelion, peppermint, lavender, clary & black pepper. So refreshing. £20 for 150mls so it lasts for ages.

2. Skirts and dresses are better than jeans

I love jeans but they are hot to wear when the temperature rises. If you don’t feel comfortable in skirts then wear loose linen trousers.

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Long pleated skirts look elegant and are not just for evening. A full print skirt looks stylish and worn with a plain short-sleeved top or long-sleeved shirt, will help to keep you cool.

shirt dressmarc cain blk and wht

If a dress is more your thing, think carefully about the fabric. It should be light and of course the looser the fit the better. Remember, the more skin you bare the hotter you will be. Shirt dresses combine style with ease and provided the fit is right look effortlessly stylish.

3. Looser tops work better in the heat

By which I don’t mean sloppy and too oversized. Whilst close fitting tops can be flattering (depending on your figure) when the weather is hot you need some air flow. There are many loose fitting tops around and the sales are on!

batwing chiffon beigeshirts

Paler colours are meant to keep you cool. I’m not sure about the science of this but I do think pastel shades look good in the summer. If your skin is not sun friendly then go for long sleeves.

grey and pearllinen look

Easy to wear

4. Carry water and drink frequently

You must keep hydrated when the temperature soars. If plain water is not your thing then put some lemon slices in a water bottle – or some fresh mint.

5. Carry a light cologne

There is nothing more refreshing than regularly spritzing with your favourite cologne. Not only does it make you feel better but is gives you the confidence that you smell good! Obviously what you choose will depend on your preference. Perfume & cologne is a very individual thing. We only need to smell a particular scent and the memories come flooding back. My two summer choices tend to be Eau d’Orange Verte Hermes (which is unisex) and ever since it was launched in the 1970s I always go to Chanel Cristalle in the summer months.

eaud'orange hermes

The smell of summer

chanel cristalle

Fresh and sharp


You are now good to go and even when everyone around you is wilting you will remain cool and stylish. Don’t forget to take a reasonably roomy bag!

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