I’m incapable of travelling light

It’s about this time of year when magazine articles and bloggers are busy extolling the virtues of travelling light. I have friends who only ever use a carry on bag. How do they do it? Toiletries aside (not that I ever could put them aside) how on earth do you pack for 7 days – let alone 14 – and only have a carry on bag.

travel toiletries

Airport sizes

Even with the necessary small sizes I still seem to have too many toiletries. I’ve tried decanting but once had shampoo over everything and spent the first two hours on arrival at my room ┬áhaving an impromptu washing session. If it’s a beach holiday the only thing is to buy sun lotions and after sun products when you get there; but this can be expensive. Also some skincare products (pump dispensers particularly) defy any attempt to decant.

Then there are the articles that say you can take 10 items and create 20 outfits. Really? It has never worked for me and I do think I’m creative when it comes to putting together an outfit. And don’t start me on shoes. I take an average size 6 (39) so it’s not as if my footwear takes up too much room.

carrty on case

Carry on contents

The above image relates to the ideal content for your carry on case! I can only assume the person packing has never traveled with Easy Jet. I am going to make an effort this year and consider taking a linen towel – much less bulky – when I travel somewhere with a beach. I suppose I could restrict my footwear to one pair of beach sandals, evening sandals and loafers for walking about. I still know (because I’ve tried it) that I will not be able to get everything into my airline approved carry on.

organised suitcase

This is what I’m aspiring to!

I certainly will be taking a carry on. It will contain all my ‘extras’!


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