Is it possible to look stylish and casual?

Dressing casually and looking stylish is as much of a challenge as adopting the ‘no make-up’ look. It requires a little bit of effort!

I’m wondering when the expression ‘slobbing out’ first came into popular use. When does being casual descend into looking downright slobby? One of the style challenges for older women is the ability to retain a sense of style whatever you are wearing. Younger women can step into a pair of jeans and throw on a t-shirt, slip their feet into a pair of ballet flats and off they go! Not so for us. Older women need to give more thought to looking casual or we can quickly descend into looking a mess. Jeans and a t-shirt can still look good but how we combine them needs to work. Well cut jeans and a flattering t-shirt (suitable for your body shape) can look casual and stylish. White jeans are versatile, suit most body shapes, and provided you team them with the right top look polished.

with black jacket

Casual yet chic!


Rebecca Taylor persimmon sleevelessA simple top with blue jeans can also work well to create a relaxed and ┬áminimalist look. Casual should mean you don’t look as if you have tried too hard! To prevent an impression of being too casual a scarf or pashmina is the perfect accessory.

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