Is it Spring yet?


Time for some softer colours

It’s around about this time of year that most of us are just a little fed up with our winter clothes. The nights are getting longer – the clocks leap forward at the end of the month and we all need a boost. It’s time to start thinking (if you haven’t already) about what to wear. Pastels seem to be every where at the moment and whilst head to toe pink or blue may not be for you, introducing a spring-like note will lift the spirits.


Check out your lighter coloured tops

pink chiffon sleeveless

The pink chiffon top above introduces a spring-like note and will work as well with jeans as it will with a skirt. Just remember to wear a jacket or cardigan! If you can’t face putting off your sweater than go for a silver grey or soft tone.

silver grey sweater casual

Silver grey and white look chic

grey suede Isb mar

Isabel Marant – grey suede

There are some spectacular sale bargains in footwear at the moment, particularly with ankle boots. Now is the time to choose a softer tone and grey goes with virtually any colour. Or introduce some colour with the simple, yet effective, clutch bag below.

pale turquoise clutch

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on accessories then Zara (as I’m often reminding everyone) is a good place to start. You can pick up leather bags for a fraction of the cost of most high street brands. Another useful outlet is TK Maxx. It’s time to lighten up.

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