“I’ve got nothing to wear!”

Is there a woman out there who has never uttered these words. A woman who hasn’t stood in front of an open wardrobe and gazed in stupification at a row of cluttered hangers. What is our fascination with having as many clothes as posible but only wearing a few? If this sounds like you and you’d like to gain control of your wardrobe then read on. Will it take time? Of course it will. The only way to improve or change your life is to dedicate some time to it – and yourself!

Some simple steps

  • Have a clear out. Create a pile of ‘must go’ (don’t fit you, very dated, rather worn etc.)
  • Sort out the remaining garments into tops, pants etc.
  • Create combinations. You’ll be surprised at how many you find.
  • Leave for a few hours – preferably overnight. You will be in a different frame of mind when you return to this task.
  • Now decide what to keep! The rest goes – be ruthless.
  • What is missing from the clothes you are keeping! Do you need extra tops, some knitwear or a new coat? Create a list.

Make a decision to change the way you view your style. A few, carefully selected items, stylishly accessorised is really all you need. Unless you have a mania for buying clothes changing how you think and feel about style will be positively energising. Knowing you look good will help you to feel good.

French chic

Italian Chic

We all know that French women and Italian women can be very chic and stylish. Is there a secret? I think it is in their attitude. European women are not afraid of being feminine but would rarely be ‘over the top’ showing too much flesh and sporting outfits that don’t suit them. I’m from Newcastle so I know what I’m talking about! Before you shoot me down in flames; there are stylish women in our cities but they tend not to get noticed as their style-less sisters are all too noticable.

Before I hear some of you saying that you have a limited budget for clothes and being really stylish costs lots of money, look at the image above. A denim jacket, with the white shirt tied at the hem, together with black pants and the overall image complemented with a statement necklace. Also, the white camisole just peeping out above the shirt. Details darling! Details. The above outfit would not have cost too much and yet it works.

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