Let’s start with the inside

It’s that time of year when many women realise that ‘perhaps’ they have enjoyed the festive season a little too much. If you are anything like me the first casualty is my waistline. So, it’s back to the gym and a re-visit to all those fitness DVDs bought over the years!

This year I have decided to start from a different perspective. Eating healthy foods has never been a problem for me as I actually like fruit and vegetables, but it can be a struggle in the winter months when comfort food cries out.

Enter the Magic Bullet, or more precisely Nutri Bullet!

nutri bullet

I have only been using this for a few days so I can’t make any health claims. What I can do is to tell you just how easy this is to use, and even more importantly ( as far as I’m concerned) to clean. It comes with great recipes. My favourite so far combines spinach, banana, berries, pineapple and flax seeds. It tastes great. If you know someone who has difficulty eating their greens and their fruit option seems limited to an apple or orange then the Nutri Bullet is the answer.

For older women even the best skin care products on the market cannot compensate for the glowing healthy skin that comes from a good diet.

cindy joseph 64

Cindy Joseph 64 years old

Let’s glide into 2016 feeling healthy, energetic and – if you wish – just a tad virtuous!

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