Living in loafers

If like me you find that you can no longer walk about in heels but find ballerina flats make your feet ache (apparently it’s because I have a high instep) then loafers may be just the thing. As they are often lined in leather you have the added advantage of wearing them with bare feet. I know you can get those strange socks which are not meant to show under your shoes but the thing is – they usually do.

I’ve been looking at some various styles.

Classic beige loafers

The classic loafer, and there are many about, everything from mid-price at Dune to top end from Tod’s, was made for jeans.

On trend

At the weekend I had a pre-holiday shopping trip. Which means I had not intention of buying but wanted to know what was on the shelves. There were many flat styles with bows and elaborated cloth trims. Think twice before wearing them with the cut-off wide trousers that are popular at the moment or you may make yourself look too short.

Russell & Bromley

No one would suggest that Russell and Bromley are cheap. They are however one of the best brands around. They also do half sizes (on some styles) which is great if, like me, you take a 5 and a half.

Smart enough for work

If you work in an environment which expects you to look smart the style above is ideal as is the colour. Loafers are now worn with skirts and dresses and you have the added benefit of not having to totter about on heels. So, start loafing about (sorry couldn’t resist!).

I don’t usually recommend buying on line when it comes to footwear but I make the exception with regard to The an incredible company and website aimed solely at older women. Here are 2 styles worth investigating.

Comfort and style

If you thought loafers were just a tad old-fashioned then think again.

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