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In the rush of life – family, work and keeping everything ticking along, something women are very good at, it can be all too easy to forget about yourself. As you know, if you have been following my blog, I offer style services. Everything from creating a fabulous capsule wardrobe to dressing for that special occasion. What you may not be so aware of is that I offer a bespoke skincare service in partnership with Temple Spa, who have created Mediterranean inspired skincare using essential oils, anti-aging ingredients and lush botanical ingredients.


Over time our skin can change and certainly if you are going through the menopause then it is likely you have experienced some challenges. Break-outs, enlarged pores, dry patches and discoloration. Hopefully not all at once! Although there is a plethora of skincare companies in the beauty departments of our high street stores the consultant is usually young and may not fully appreciate some of the concerns older women have, or that how we look can affect our self-esteem. I can offer a personal skin care consultation, or if you prefer, get a few friends round to your home (up to 8) and I can coach you all through a quick yet effective skin care routine. The ultimate ‘Spa To Go’. If you prefer the one-to-one session then I can give you the facial, all you need to do is sit down and relax, or I can coach you through the process. There is plenty of time to ask any questions you want.


It’s a real treat to go to the spa although hardly practical, or affordable, to do so on a regular basis. If you are busy or stressed using these spa products (they are used in some of the most prestigious spas in the country) will be an opportunity for some ‘me time’. It’s not ‘hope in a bottle’ but used regularly your skin will look and feel amazing.

TS Skin Truffle

This service I offer is an opportunity to try before you buy in the comfort of your own (or a friends!) home. This is why the service is free. Yes that’s right – it’s not a typo. I want every client to experience Temple Spa products and I know from recent experience you will buy because your skin tells you to. Whether you go for the class experience or the one-to-one, you will be able to take advantage of the special offers not available on the website. Go to

Oh and if you decide to host a class you get a lovely free gift as a thank you from me. Interested? Simply leave a comment and send your message, together with your contact details.


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