More body hang-ups

Having looked earlier this week at boobs, stomachs & bottoms the other potentially troublesome body areas are length of legs, hips, arms and your torso. I wonder if men go through this process? They don’t seem to in the UK!

Short legs

Many women seem to think their legs are too short, and whether this true or not, there is a sure fire style tip to give the ‘appearance’ of longer legs.

classic navy

Continuous colour from head to foot

cont col long legs

Same approach with trousers

The key to creating longer looking legs is to have a continuous sweep of colour with no obvious distractions. If your legs are on the short side then avoid wearing ankle strap shoes with dresses or skirts. Why? The visual effect will be to ‘cut’ the length of your legs. If you also have thick ankles this will be compounded.

Smaller hips

Many women feel their hips are too big. Again, the key is to create a visual balance. Avoid pencil skirts, skin tight jeans and slant pockets on trousers as they will emphasise the size of your hips. If you wear jeans go for flares to create balance and take the attention away from your hips.

NYDJ blue

Flared jeans

a line print

Yes – you can wear prints!

 Italian linen dress

Linen dress over leggings

The above outfit skims over the hips and if you don’t like to bare your legs then leggings are the obvious choice.

Longer torso

There are 2 approaches to creating the illusion that your torso is longer than it is. The first is to wear lower rise pants or jeans and a higher neck top. Thus you have created length. However if you have a thick waist or a substantial tummy you will not look good in low rise pants.

wht shirt

Works on fairly slim torso

classic long torso

This coat creates length

Coats or knitted long jackets elongate your torso. Make sure you avoid too obvious patterns and stick to one colour.

tunic longer torso

More flattering on older women

This creates a good balance and the scarf draws the eye away from the body.

Shorter torso

If you have the opposite concern then  you need to visually ‘break-up’ the torso. Women with long bodies can often have shorter legs so it is best to avoid cropped pants especially if they are wide. The key here is a cropped top – ending above your natural waist line. If you are older then layering can work very well. You could also try a wide belt – if your waist can take it!

dk blue with casual look

Layering tends to shorten the body

jacket and jeans

Cropped jacket breaks up body length

blue with striped top SS

Horizontal stripes shorten

full blk

Full skirt takes attention away from top half

Slim arms

For years I had slim toned arms. I liked my arms! Now they have thickened and have lost muscle tone. I know I’m not alone in this but the thing is I’m living with my arms not yours! The solution is to go for three-quarter length sleeves. They look elegant and certainly take away attention from the top of your arms.

dvf wrap navy

DVF wrap dress

sleeveless jacket

Totally elegant

I seriously doubt if any woman has a ‘perfectly’ proportioned body. Whatever that is! Get to know your body shape and those areas that you want to emphasise or minimise. Work with what you have and you’ll always look good. Remember, style rejuvenation is all about being the best ‘you’.

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