Perfect pleats

maxi navy pleated

Maxi Navy pleats

The transition from winter into Spring doesn’t mean putting away all your winter layers. If you have never done so before why not try a long pleated skirt. They are, as the fashion media tell us, very ‘on trend’ this season. But this is not why I suggest them. If your legs are looking less than perfectly smooth and you think the only option is to wear jeans or trousers – think again. Maxi skirts are not just for holidays or evenings. They can look both smart and casual depending on what you wear with them.

blush pleated long

Very simple yet chic!

maison marg grey blk pleated

Two-tone maxi

Keep accessories plain and take care not to wear a voluminous top or you will look swamped. Keep your footwear fairly flat. No stilettos please.  Either ankle boots, ballet flats or loafers. If you have read my post last week about looking at your wardrobe as an investment, rather than a cost, then the Russell and Bromley loafers below are worth considering.

russell and b loafers

Russell & Bromley Loafers – not just for jeans

texture flats

Neat & comfortable flats

grey suede

Good transition item

This can be a difficult time of year when deciding how to ease yourself into spring. Long pleated skirts offer you variety. Now is the time to get into the shops and start trying some on.

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