Powder blue – or not?

boring blue

Too much!

Oh dear! Pale blue is everywhere at the moment heralding in Spring and demonstrating that a pastel pallette is the new ‘must have ‘. There is a school of thought (mainly younger stylists) that say older women should keep away from pastels. If the pastels in question are creams, pale taupe and soft greys I don’t agree. These colours can look very chic. Whilst I’m not against the pale blue in itself, if you are over 50 you need to be careful in case you drift into frumpy waters. If you have grey hair you can look very faded especially with fair skin. I was reading an article last week about pale blues and saw an item of knitwear described as serenity blue. I don’t know about you but that conquers up an image of a home for the elderly! Do you really want to be walking about in a shade called serenity blue.

with pale blue

The above outfit looks good because the style of the knitted jacket is contemporary and it is worn with dark jeans and a white top.

pale blue gold pants

Very stylish 

The plain sweater above is elevated from being boring when teamed with gold textured trousers and heels. Also the dark blue bag adds some depth.

If you are determined to have some pale blue in your wardrobe – and it can look very good with a light tan – then please avoid the head to toe look. Wear with white jeans, denims or a ‘statement’ skirt. That is don’t team with a classic A-line because you may end up looking very old fashioned and I’m assuming that if you are reading my blog this is something you don’t want.

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