Sandals on the high street

As it is summer (!), despite our good old British weather, I thought I’d do some research into comfortable summer sandals that won’t break the bank. I have to say that, overall, I’ve been somewhat disappointed. I’ve selected affordable (in most cases £25 – £35) and versatile sandals. If you’re travelling abroad the weight restrictions certainly concentrate your mind on what to pack. A few years ago I simply threw a few pairs into my case, never having worn the half of them! I’ve looked at sandals that could be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. There are some good sales at the moment which is exactly the right time to buy, especially if you haven’t had a holiday yet. Here goes.

grey leather dune

dune legend blk

Dune Sandals

My research certainly highlighted the range of style offered by Dune. Added to which their sandals seem reasonably well made. Not always the case on the high street.

m&s white platformm&s blk and cream

Marks and Spencer

Personally I don’t find M & S footwear particularly comfortable. Regular blog readers will know of my ‘challenging’ feet. If you don’t have any bother with your feet then their prices are very reasonable.

crossover sliders next

Crossover sliders by Next

clarks duck egg


Having worn Clarks sandals as a child, as virtually everyone at my school did, it’s a well known and respected brand. It has gone through several identity crises over the years, although I do think from a style point of view they are beginning to get it right.

hush puppies nanette

Nanette by Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is another established brand with a less than stylish image, so you can imagine how surprised I was to come across the above sandals.

finery sliders

finery blue blk slidesFinery of London

The above sandals are, strictly speaking, not on your high street unless you live in London. If you are happy to buy on line (some people aren’t when it comes to footwear) then they offer both style and comfort.

As I’ve already said the sales are on and there is choice. Perhaps I am getting more difficult to please as I get older but I have been disappointed in this years sandals. Perhaps I’ll find a pair on holiday!

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