Sixties and style

Ah, admit it. I fooled you with the title. As I am in my sixities I remember ‘the sixites’ as an exciting time where ideas of accepted female fashion were turned on their head. Those micro minis, white tights (in fact tights themeselves), painting on my lower lashes and the palest lipstick imaginable. I loved it all.

So hardly surprising that I have never wanted to be put in a box with regard to style. The expression ‘age appropriate’ really annoys me. I refuse to be told by some young (usually) stylist what is and what isn’t appropriate for me based purely on my age. The key for dressing as an older women is to remain contemporary and yet be true to yourself. Don’t allow the media, your family or friends to put you in a box.

Casual yet stylish

The above image is classic but not old fashioned. The reason it works is because of the colour combination. In neutral shades it could vere into the boring. A blazer is a key addition to any wardrobe, just make sure the cut suits you and that the length of the blazer is in proportion to your body shape.

Totally unflaterring

As women get older their body shape often changes – waists thicken and weight can be gained. Sadly many women think all they have to do is throw on a shapeless dress or top and they are good to go. This rarely works.

Some women go to the other extreme by wearing the latest ‘trend’ and start shopping in H&M, Top Shop and River Island. Let me make it crystal clear that there is nothing wrong in shopping in these shops. I have done so myself and continue to be a hugh Zara fan. The secret is to be selective. Choose a key item and then wear with other pieces in your wardrobe. I’m sure you have seen the recent plethora of over-embellished sweaters and tops that can look like fun on a twenty year old but somehow make older women look like a care in the community case.

On trend (!)


Leather is ageless

There are many myths around what you should wear as an older women. Along with denim jeans there is ‘anything’ in leather. Not so. If you wear a leather jacket as long as it is a good fit (never buy a leather jacket that is too big for you thinking you’ll be able to get a sweater underneath!) it will look stylish and can also be worn with a skirt or dress.

A little bit of restraint perhaps

Just because you’ve decide to become more modern please don’t become a fashion victim. This is excusable when young but as we get older rarely works.

Chic with attitude


Classic navy and white

Whatever you choose don’t let your age get in the way. Embrace how you are now and enjoy your clothes.

This is what being in your nineties can look like


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